It can be difficult to find reliable information about the situation in Iraq and Syria. This page aims to provide a list of resources offering evidence and expert interpretation.

Motions and statements:

Palmyra Motion (PDF) Signatories include the members of the Board of Shirīn-international, a NGO composed of Directors of Excavations active in Syria until 2010/11.

Vienna Statement 2016 (PDF) Statement about the threat to cultural heritage in the the Near East and North Africa at the 10th International Conference on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.

Oriental Institute, Chicago:

Metropolitan Museum:


US combined:

Blue Shield:


Helpful fatwa:

UN General Assembly:

UN Security Council Resolution 2347 (24th March 2017)

‘Cairo Declaration’:



Hatra [1st May 2017] [26th April 2017]


Nimrud [Spokesman-Review. 31st December 2016. Salih] [Live Science. 9th December 2016. Reichel, Frame] [Guardian. 24th November 2016. Rizk] [National Geographic. 10th November 2016. Danti]  [Asharq Al-Awsat. 12th May 2015. Rashid] [5th May 2015. ASOR]  [Archaeologik. 1st May. Various, with resources. In German] [National Geographic. 6th March 2015. Postgate, Curtis] [Yahoo News. 6th March 2015] [BBC. 6th March 2015. McMahon] [BBC. 6th March 2015. Various, with resources] [Curtis; statement from Grand Ayatollah Sistani. 6th March 2015. Channel 4] [6th March 2015. al-Gailani]   Nineveh [6th June 2016. Gates of Nineveh]


Khorsabad [National Geographic. 10th November 2016]

[ [Facebook. 2016. Kurdish forces]]


Palmyra [ABC News. 20th January 2017. Abdulkarim] [Live Science. 20th January 2017. Danti] [BBC. 20th January 2017] [BBC. 11th December 2016. BBC] [BBC. 10th December 2016. BBC] [10th December 2016. Washington Post] [Art Newspaper. 21st October 2016. Gawlikowski] [New York Review of Books. 29th September 2016] [Sputnik. 2nd June 2016] [International Business Times. 28th May 2015] [International Business Times. 27th May 2015] [H-Islamart. 21st May. Palmyra and Syria. Mudder, op ed on why cultural heritage matters]  [The Star Online. 20th May 2015. Abdulkarim]


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Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage, Samuel Hardy. 31st March 2017.

Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage, Markus Hilgert. 31st March 2017. [January 2017] [5th January 2017. Arch Daily] [8th December 2016. Live Science] [22nd April 2015] [April 2015]  [Current Concerns on the ground and International Response: Iraq. 14th April 2015. Frahm]  [Current Concerns on the ground and International Response: Syria. 14th April 2015. Abdulkarim]  [Current Concerns on the ground and International Response: Iraq. 14th April 2015. Curtis] [Curtis, 30th March 2015. Apollo] [20th March 2015. Amr al-Azim — Syria]
[20th March 2015. Tenu]


Looting [The Local. 24th January] [TRT World. 13th September 2016] [8th April 2016. Brodie] [6th April 2016. Interview with a smuggler] [12th May 2015. Asharq al-Awsat. Rashid]




ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives: SHIRIN: Syrian Heritage in danger: an International Research Initiative

On reconstruction: [January 2017] [CNN. 14th April 2015. Various, with resources] [Independent. 6th March 2015. Assyrian angle] [Newsweek. 11th November 2014. Bokova]

On the importance of being careful about circulating propaganda videos On caring about cultural heritage at a time when human suffering is so widespread Video with English translation: [Memri TV. 26th February] UNESCO report ““Heritage and Cultural Diversity at Risk in Iraq and Syria” December 2014:

Blog: [many events]

Project Mosul: [“The project is a response to the destruction of cultural heritage by the Islamic States, and proposes to use crowd-sourced imagery to digitally reconstruct the heritage that has been destroyed.”]  [Your Middle East. 24th April. Report on conference “How to save Iraq’s vanishing heritage”]