Membership of the IAA Honorary Council is a recognition of those who have distinguished themselves in the field of Assyriology or for their efforts on behalf of the IAA or of the RAI. Details of the appointment process can be found below.

The following members have been appointed to the IAA Honorary Council:

Collon, D.2016-
Cooper, J.S.2016-
Leichty, E.20162016
Hunger, H.2015-
Zawadzki, S.2015-
Owen, D2014-
Sasson, J.2014-
Kienast, B.20132014
Wilcke, C.2012-
Hawkins, J.D.2011-
Hallo, W.W.20102015
Lambert, W.G.20092011
Reiner, E.20052005
Sjöberg, A.20052014
Garelli, P.20042006
Veenhof, K. R.2007-
Klein, J.2017-
Van Soldt, W.2017-
Winter, I.2017-


From the IAA By-laws, Article 7: The Honorary Council

Members who have distinguished themselves in the field of Assyriology or for their efforts on behalf of the IAA or of the RAI, may, in recognition, be recommended by one or more members as a member of the Honorary Council. Upon the Board’s approval of such a recommendation, the Office will place their candidacy on the agenda for the upcoming General Meeting, where the election will take place. The Board may, from time to time, consult the Honorary Council or its members individually.

1. Any IAA member in good standing may nominate a distinguished scholar of Assyriology or Mesopotamian archaeology to be a permanent member of the Honorary Council. More than one member may join in the nomination.

2. Nominator(s) should submit a recommendation dossier submitted to the IAA board via the IAA President and its Secretary. This dossier should minimally include the following:
a) A letter that testifies to the candidate’s scholarly achievements and commitment to the disciplines. Statements on the candidate’s espousal of the goals of the IAA and participation in its work would be welcome;
b) An abbreviated CV of the candidate if available to the nominator(s). A brief report that lists the candidate’s major publications, most recent academic positions, and honors may be offered as substitute.
c) The mention by name of at least three other IAA members who expressly endorse this nomination. (For a list of members, see the members list). The Board welcomes endorsements by colleagues who are non-IAA members. They are optional; but they should be collected and transmitted by the primary nominator(s).

3. The IAA board will consider all submitted dossiers. Approval requires a 2/3 majority of the board, with all members voting or polled. Abstentions are negative votes.

4. At any one year the board will approve a limited number of candidates. Candidacy may be carried over to up to 2 years beyond the year of the initial submission.

5. The names of the approved candidates will be presented at the General Meeting of the IAA, the Secretary calling for their induction by acclamation.