There are many videos/audios about Assyriology available on the internet. Some are more reliable than others. Here are some videos/audios by scholars in the field, on a range of topics.


Walther Sallaberger: Die Keilschrift

Cuneiform Revealed: Writing a cuneiform tablet

Walther Sallaberger: Die Bedeutung der Schrift

Paola Corò: Cunei-Lab: la scrittura cuneiforme nel Vicino Oriente antico

Martha Roth: The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: The Final Chapter

Irving Finkel: How does ancient Assyrian language sound?

OI exhibit traces invention of writing

Christopher E. Woods: New light on an administrative device from the dawn of writing in the Ancient Near East

Cécile Michel: L’écriture cunéiforme au Proche-Orient antique: enseignement, apprentissage et acteurs


Objects from Ancient Western Asia

John Curtis: The Cyrus Cylinder from Ancient Babylon and the Beginning of the Persian Empire

Irving Finkel: The Ark Tablet (University of Dundee Christmas Lecture 2014)

Irene Winter: The Stela and The State

St. John Simpson | Unlocking Stories From Objects

Ariane Thomas: La Mésopotamie au Louvre Lens

Ariane Thomas: L’Histoire commence en Mésopotamie


Ancient Western Asian history and culture

Frans Wiggermann: over de goden en heersers in Mesopotamië

Irving Finkel: The Tower of Babel

John Curtis: Babylon: A Wonder of the Ancient World

Irving Finkel: The Babylonian mind

Walther Sallaberger: Die Uruk-Kultur

Walther Sallaberger: Sumerer

Mark Kenoyer: Meluhha: the Indus Civilization and Its Contacts with Mesopotamia

Ann Gunter: Tracking the Frontiers of the Hittite Empire

James Osborne: The Syro-Anatolian City States: A Neglected Iron Age Culture

Lisa Cooper: Encounters with Ancient Splendors: Gertrude Bell

Hartmut Kühne: The Collapse of the Assyrian Empire and the Evidence of Dur-Katlimmu

Eckart Frahm: The Psychohistory of an Assyrian king

Walter Farber: Health Care and Epidemics in Antiquity: The Example of Ancient Mesopotamia

Gil Stein: Sweet Honey in the Rocks: Honey, Bees, and Beekeeping in the Ancient Near East

Robert Ritner & Theo van den Hout: The Battle of Kadesh: A Debate

Irving Finkel: The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure

Jerry Cooper: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Sex in Babylonia . . .

Steve Tinney: Great Beasts of Legend: Anzu the Lion Headed Eagle

Steve Tinney: Great Myths and Legends: Adapa the Sage: Flood, Myth and Magic in early Mesopotamia

Grant Frame: Great Wonders: Searching for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Steve Tinney: Great Voyages: Gilgamesh: Journeys to the End of the World


Ancient Western Asian archaeology

Sophie Cluzan: L’archéologie en Mésopotamie

Gil Stein: Exploring the Roots of Mesopotamian Civilization: Excavations at Tell Zeidan, Syria

Augusta McMahon: Death and the City: Recent Work at Tell Brak, Syra

Royal Tombs of Ur

Persepolis From the Air

Excavating Tools and Trinkets of the World’s First Cities

Donny George Youkhana: One Scholar’s Contribution to Mesopotamian Archaeology

Eleanor Robson: Agriculture and elephants: writing in rural Babylonia

Amer Abdul Razzaq: Tour of the archaeological site of Eridu

Amer Abdul Razzaq: Tour of the archaeological site of Girsu



The Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF) posts videos of all the (max. 10 minute) talks held at each conference. The talks are on a wide range of topics related to the Ancient Near East.

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