Welcome back to Mar Shiprim, the newsletter of the IAA!

In this issue it is our pleasure to congratulate the winner and the runner-up of the newly founded IAA Dissertation Prize, Bastian Still and Grégoire Nicolet. But scarcely has one prize been awarded before the call for applications for the next one rolls around. Early career scholars in the fields of Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology should make sure to check out the exciting prizes and subsidies offered by the IAA, the deadline for which is March 1st.  

Ahmed Kamil Mohammed brings us the latest news from Iraq, including lectures, workshops, excavations, and the opening of a new museum in Samawah, while Adam Anderson and Laurie Pearce write about the exciting new opportunities that can be gained from an engagement with Digital Humanities in all its various shapes and sizes.

This issue of the newsletter centers on the Sargonid kings, who continue to captivate the imagination of scholars and public alike. Omar N’Shea writes about studying the ideals of masculinity that shaped the world of the Assyrian empire, while Selena Wisnom describes her experience in reconstructing the kings’ mindset for the series of play she is writing on this dynasty, and Lucas Petit and Anna de Wit tell us about their attempt to bring to life the Assyrian capital city of Nineveh for a museum exhibition in Leiden.

The next issue of Mar Shiprim will be published in June, and will include a guide to Innsbruck ahead of the Rencontre in July. But already the hotels are getting booked up, so be sure to plan your visit soon.

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